Our Story

Oishiii Sweets was founded by Tiffany Li who started baking as a way of expressing her love of art. Her baking is influenced by Japanese culture, and her love of alpacas and mushrooms that you’ll also see throughout the cafe. The Japanese word ‘Oishii’ is commonly used to describe edibles as ‘delicious and appealing’, and this is what Oishiii Sweets aims to create through our baked goods and experience.

Our mission is to create affordable, quality baked goods and coffee that are ‘delicious and appealing’, and create an environment that brings everyone together.

Come in and enjoy some dessert and speciality drinks; Join us in the party room for kids parties or baking classes; Contact us for custom cookies/cakes; Or just come by to say hi to Tiff and her alpaca Larry.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we will go above and beyond to help deliver a memorable experience! Speak to you soon!

tiffany li oishiii sweets